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Touch One Ltd” has established in 2007 by Mr.Avi Avraham Fridman, It was founded under A bigger group :”Privilege Group Israel” which is the group of many trading and marketing companies. 

Our company is aprroved by “The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce” and matching the highest internetional standarts. 
“Touch One Ltd” has licenses and franchise of concerts and top brands all over the world.
We are experts of getting the “KOSHER” stamp and approval on products.

With years of experience and  while working with the biggest clients and partners, We became one of the biggest companies in distribution and marketing in Israel.

Touch One Is Your Address
In The Middle East




We are importing top branded products :
– Food Products 
– Soft Drinks
– Alcohol 
– Sweets 
We work with the best suppliers World-Wide and distribute the products to Israel, while we insist on Trust and Loyalty as our main guidance when it comes to making a Good Deal.

Our favorite brands


We are creating new products : Drinks, Different food products and Alcohol.
Our expertise is in building A totaly new labels for the biggest networking companies in Israel, with Top quality And creative innovation.


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